StarPlot: Download

Current version of StarPlot is 0.95.5 (last updated on 15 May 2008). Here are the source code [872k] and the changelog and news file for this release. You will probably also want to download at least one stellar data file.

Look up the official Debian package for StarPlot here. Thanks to Francisco García.

Look up the official Fedora package for StarPlot here. Thanks to Debarshi Ray.

You may also want to download this icon for StarPlot created by Rachel Kronick; it is fancier than the default icon shipped with the StarPlot source code. (Assuming you are using Firefox, right-click on it and choose "Save Image As...".)

StarPlot icon

Please note that this icon is not licensed under the GNU GPL. The creator writes, "I'd appreciate credit for it if you use it on the Net, but feel free to distribute it far and wide, as long as it's not for profit."

Older Versions

Note that the last version of StarPlot that will compile against GTK+ version 1.2 is 0.93.1; later versions require GTK+ 2.x. If for some reason you need an even older version of StarPlot, email me.

Version Control Repository

StarPlot is finally, after many years, maintained in a version control system. You may (see point 1 below) be able to check out the Subversion repository of StarPlot for read-only access with the following command, assuming Subversion is installed on your computer:

svn checkout starplot

(change the final "starplot" to something else if you want it to go in a directory with a different name than "starplot"). A web interface to the repository is at (A more bare-bones interface that shows only the current revision of each file is at

Some important things to be aware of:

  1. The computer where the repository is hosted is a personal computer, and as such, in order to conserve power, it is only turned on while in use. So you need to be lucky to catch it :-) It might be easier to email me and ask for a current tarball.
  2. I do not store autotools-generated files in the repository. To get a buildable source tree, you will need to cd into the directory and run ./ — this script requires that you have a reasonably up-to-date installation of all the autotools (automake, autoconf, gettext, etc.) working on your computer. Once the script has run successfully, you can run "./configure && make" as usual.
  3. Although I make some effort to ensure that the source code in the repository is always compilable, this is not guaranteed to be the case.
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